Your Guide to Finding The Best Guitar Lessons.

People who want to play the guitar or those currently learning the guitar have to have a real passion for music.  Learning to play the guitar can be very fun and rewarding when you have the right teacher and course.  Not having the right course will cause you frustration and headaches.  It’s very important to get started on the right foot so you can begin playing and having fun and not feel like you are doing homework.bookmakers

How We Chose the Leading products

1. We went out and purchased every reputable course we could find.  From our research we where quickly able to not even bother with some high end courses because of the large amount of negative feedback.

2. We dove into each course and went through all the lessons taking notes on what we liked and what we did not.

3.  With all this in mind we got to work and created what is now the best Comparison Chart you are every going to find online when it comes to Guitar Lessons.

What to Look For in a Guitar Teacher?

A great training course has to start with the teacher.  Do they not only have experience but are they actually able to teach what they know in a fun and simple manner. Think back to high-school (I personally don’t want to).  We all had teachers that had no clue what they where teaching and it showed.  We also had teachers that where very smart and fully knew the subject matter but they sucked at teaching.  You could never related or get interested in the topic and it was so hard just trying to stay awake.

Knowing how to teach the guitar is important but just as important is knowing how to do it in a fun and exciting way.  You are learning to play the guitar because you want to have fun and enjoy the music and playing the music that you love.  You don’t want it do be like homework.  Worst yet is when someone can take what you love and make it super frustrating.  I know how you feel because when I first started playing the guitar I had that Shi@$y teacher.  Some times it was fun but most the time it was painful.  I gave up playing the guitar and it wasn’t till later in life that I really had it call me back.  To me personally having fun is the most important feature I look for when going through every course.

  • Experience:  They needed to fully know what they where teaching
  • Able to Teach:  You know those teachers in high school that know the subject matter but can’t teach worth a damn.  We filter those  kind of people out.
  • Fun: The classes they taught had to be fun and to the point.  This is needed so users can re-watch a video with out having to hear an hour long lecture.

What to Look For In a Course?

This is the hardest part when rating a guitar lessons course.  The first thing we look at is navigation of the course.  Is it easy to find what you are looking for? Time is going to be a factor down the road.  Some days we may only be able to get a quick 5 minute lesson in.  If it takes 5 minutes to find what you are looking for than the course just isn’t going to work.  We actually had to drop about half the courses just for that reason.  The teachers where decent but the course was not laid out well.  You could not find what you needed fast enough.

The length of the lessons was next on our list.  Some guitar lesson courses are 30-40 minutes long.  This is horrible for training in a course. You need to quickly be able to learn one or two things and then try them out yourself.  You are going to find that you will be re-watching some videos several times just to ensure you are doing it right.  This means the lessons need to be very short and to the point. 1, 2, 3 and you are off kind of thing.  Nothing wrong with breaking a course that covers several things into 7 courses all labelled right so you can jump right into what you want with out having to fast forward through 20 minutes of stuff you already got down.

Wide Range of Teachers: Someone can have the perfect teacher that matches their flow but that does not mean they are the perfect one for you.  It’s important to have options when it comes to teachers.  They all need to be good but you also need a variety to keep things fun and interesting.  Learning from the best in each section of guitar learning is the key here.  We had to eliminate most courses at this point.  With a range of experts you are going to learn the most in the shortest amount of time and have the most fun doing it.

Course Selection is no less important than any of the above metrics we graded guitar lesson programs on.  If you want to learn how to play the acoustic guitar there should be plenty there for you.  If you want to switch over to blues or electric ends up calling you in, than you need to be able to seamlessly move between the courses to choose whats best for you and what you are into learning.  There are some great stand alone courses out there but we had to find the best that would cover any guitar subject matter you wanted to learn.

Helping You Put it All Together

Before rushing out and making an impulse by take a second to go over the Quick Comparison Chart we put together. It was a lot of work but we pulled it off.  It does not matter if you are looking to buy a course for yourself.  Looking to purchase the course for a loved one as a gift or for someone who is middle aged like myself that had very little experience when starting out.  You will find the right course for you.vegan chocolate

Check Out the At a Glance Comparison Chart Here