Why Choosing Electric Acoustic Guitar Is a Good Idea

You have two options when buying an acoustic guitar. You can buy the traditional one, or you may choose to buy an electric acoustic guitar. What makes these two different? Well, with a traditional acoustic, you need to use a separate microphone to amplify the sound. On the other hand, with electric acoustic, pickups are already fitted in the body. These pickups are also referred to as piezoelectric pickups, which are the same as the under saddle pickups used in amplifying acoustic guitars. The pickups work by creating a signal when you strum the steel strings of the guitar and these vibrate.

Nevertheless, electric acoustic guitars actually look the same as traditional ones. These are also made of wood and have six strings. Each piece features a sound hole, as in normal guitars, which amplify the sound vibrations caused by the string. However, you can plug it in an outlet to produce sounds that resemble that coming from a traditional acoustic with the touch of an electric guitar. If you unplug it, it goes back to playing the same sound you can get from an acoustic guitar. In effect, it’s like getting two kinds of guitar in one instrument. Your mood would dictate whether you would opt to plug it in or leave it as it is.

There are many electric acoustic guitars available in music stores and certain online stores. If you were interested in learning more about these, it would be a good idea to read electric acoustic guitar reviews. Such reviews would allow you to compare different brands, features, and specifications. It would also be a good way for you to find out what other people think about this particular type of acoustic guitar. An in-depth understanding of each feature, as well as how this can affect the sound that the guitar produces, would definitely help you make sound decisions especially when you’ve convinced yourself that an electric is much better than the traditional one.

Some of the best brands of electric acoustic guitars are Gibson, Yamaha, Ibanez, and Squier. Even if such guitars have electrical amplification features, these are still acoustic guitars at heart. The piezoelectric pickups in an electric acoustic guitar do not generate sound from the strings themselves but from the guitar’s body. Keep in mind that an electric acoustic has steel strings. Hence, these aren’t as pliant as nylon ones. When you pluck a steel string, it effectively vibrates the air around it. The shape of the body of the electric acoustic captures the air vibrations and amplifies these naturally to create musical notes. Since the walls of the guitar body are flexible and thin, the vibrations of the air also create light vibrations in the body. Consequently, the piezoelectric pickups detect these vibrations. What’s noteworthy is the sound that resonates still closely resembles the sound of an acoustic, albeit made better with electronic amplification.

You’re probably wondering why you should opt to invest on the best electric acoustic guitar. Well, assuming you’re way past beginners’ lessons, you would definitely want to be given the chance to show everyone the fruits of your hard work. An electric acoustic allows you to perform with far greater versatility and flexibility. People who use electric acoustic guitars have discovered that they can create a fascinating mix of styles. Just imagine, you can play purely acoustic music one moment and switch to electric mode where electrical effects combine with natural acoustic sound. Obviously, your audience would be thrilled at the awesome sound played before them. You could even get away with a song that’s normally played on a purely electric guitar and no one would notice the difference.

Indeed, there are many reasons why owning an acoustic electric guitar is a good idea. It allows you to explore worlds you may not have imagined possible if you only rely on the traditional acoustic type. You would definitely be putting your money to good use if you invested on one. You would be inspired to improve your guitar-playing skills with the right instrument. It’s like getting two instruments for the price of one. If you know how to use your money practically, then you wouldn’t have a hard time choosing between the two.

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