Jamplay Review

Jamplay is one of the oldest places around that teach online guitar lessons. Many companies have done it but very few got it right.

They have over 40 teachers and have 4,196 Lessons Streaming in HD.  More lessons and courses get added all the time.  What really sets this company apart from the others are the key features.

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A-B Looping

This allows you to select a sec of any video to play over and over.  This is a GREAT feature because as you watch the short training videos you may come into a cord or a technique that you may have to see several times while you are learning how to do it.  To some this does not sound great but I myself was there and this feature you will use over and over.

Videos with Print Outs

Course material taught in the videos can easily be printed out.  In fact it’s meant to be that way.  You can print the song tabs, chord charts and other material made so you can actually really learn how to play the guitar.

Video Bookmarks

This feature can be used to take notes.  It will help out a lot when learning.  In a nut shell you can create and save a note at any spot in a video and come back later to your saved spot and note.  If your someone who can’t sit down for long periods of time because of a hectic life than this feature becomes very important.


Jamplay has a very large and active member community.  You can get a ton of tips and get questions you have answered quickly.

I have Never Played the Guitar.  Is Jamplay Right For Me?

Jamplay was built to teach people how to play the guitar from scratch.  It does have very powerful lessons for those who are self taught and for those who are good but want to be great.

The instructional videos cover a wide range of topics including

  • Music Theory
  • How to Hold The Pick
  • Hand Posture
  • Playing Your First Chord
  • Proper Posture
  • Strumming and Rhythm

This program helps you build a strong foundation and from there you are going to be amazed at how good you can get fast and just as important have fun doing it.

Of course there is far more to the course than just basic guitar playing.  You are going to learn how to read tab and sheet music, time signatures, putting together progressions and on and on.

The video courses take you step by step in an engaging and fun way.  You have a very simply course format you can follow and move between.  There is a clear path on what videos teach what things and an order that is easy to follow yet very flexible so you can move around and try new things.

What Type of Guitar Lessons Are Taught

Each section of the training covers different guitars.  It does not matter if you play Acoustic, Electric, Base or Blues.  There is a full course on teaching and guiding you on how to play and how to play at your best.

Jamplay has a 7 day guarantee.  You can sign up and go through the course to ensure it’s the right one for you.  It’s a solid course and the absolute best we found online.

Online Live Guitar Lessons

Jamplay does not just have thousands of HD recorded lessons.  They know you need to keep things fun and engaging.  Every single day you have a chance to participate in live lessons and interact with their instructions.  You can get real live help from pro instructors.  This is a really sweet feature that just about no other training course has.  You can even do Webcam to Webcam events and they have regular open mic nights that you can participate in or just see what others have been practicing on.  It’s a ton of fun and something you are really going to enjoy and learn from.

There are dozens of other features we can go into but the real next step is for you to jump in take the trial.  Join for 7 days and see if this is the right course for you.

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