Guitar Tricks Review offers over 3,000 video lessons from over 40 instructors. This guitar training course was truly built for the beginner. You will be able to master all the basics including tuning, reading tabs, chords etc… They do have more advanced classes that include things like classical finger-picking.

Here is What is Included in the Membership

  • Unlimited access to over 3,000 video guitar lessons
  • Huge forum & help from pros and other members
  • JamStation software That lets you do customizable backing tracks
  • Ultimate Metronome & Reference Tuner software

The course is laid out in a very nice and easy to follow manual. One of the best things is you don’t even have to pay to get a sneak peak at guitar tricks and what they have to offer. You can Click Here and get access to 24 FREE video guitar lessons. Of course they are going to try to upgrade you into the paid platform for $14.95/month but this is a great way to see first hand how well their video lessons are.

With Guitar Tricks you will be able to go from zero knowledge and in just a few weeks you should be able to start playing some of your favorite songs. It takes time to get good but the fun starts right away. These lessons are very engaging so expect to actually enjoy yourself.

The tutorials that come along with the video lessons are great at assisting you while you learn to play guitar. The overall course flows well from beginning to intermediate all the way to advanced skills.

The overall value that they offer for the price really can’t be beat. The $14.95/month is the lowest in the industry for the quality of lessons that you get. For this price you would get an in-person instructor for maybe 20 minutes. With Guitar Tricks you are able to get unlimited access every day.

Here are some Quick Key Points For Guitar Tricks:

  • High Quality Video Lessons
  • Large Community that you can interact with
  • Lowest Industry Price
  • Over 40 Instructors Covering a Wide Range of Lessons
  • JamStation Software
  • Ultimate Metronome to Boost Dexterity
  • Practice Any Time You Want
  • Has over 500 Popular Songs You Can Learn To Play

We rate Guitar Tricks a Strong buy.

Check Out the Free Video Lessons Here