Hand Strengthening: A Guidelines to Help and Protect Your Hands

Hands may have the smallest muscle in our body, however, it has a significant role in our life. Like the musician, they are prone  to have a hand injuries. This hand strengthening exercise and guidelines are designed to improve strength of muscle of hand and finger. This activity will help prevent injuries.

It’s a squeeze and release procedure that are very easy to follow. The more you do the exercise, the stronger the tougher hands you get. Basically hands are on of the important parts of our body that we should protect. Strengthen hands also improve the grip strength as you do he daily routine exercise or your hands, wrist and fingers. But be sure and be careful not to overextend the exercise to the point you feel pain.


Strengthening Hands and Arm

Maintaining strength in hands and arms are a good idea to avoid many injuries because of lack of proper hand training. It’s very easy to do some exercise and increase your range of motion. Simple stretching would be a good start and you shouldn’t feel pain. Hold and release your finger should do the trick. As you do it, you are strengthening your hands and arms at the same time relaxing it and keeping the flow of blood circulation in motion.


Strengthening your Fingers

Squeezing an exerciser in your hand is the proper way to strengthening your finger. All you have to do is grab a ball like a tennis ball or  a stress ball and put into your palm, then squeeze tightly and then release, by doing this routine everyday at 2-4 times a day you will have a strong fingers. If you reach the desired strength that you want, just do it once a day to maintain the desirable strength does exercise every day.


Hand Injury Prevention

Warming your hands and fingers before doing everything can help to avoid hand injury. Making your hands and finger to loose by stretching for a 1 – 2 minutes will lower the risk of having an injury.


Wrist Injury Prevention

Repetitive  stress injury (RSI) or carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the injuries cause by rubbing your hands repeatedly or the nerves in the hand squeeze or press together. Proper position of hands is the best way to prevent injuries. Many people who use their hands in their jobs like typists, assembly line workers, tailors musician and people who use their hand at work have a high risk of having wrist injuries There are special gloves that help avoid this and give extra support to position your wrist in a proper way. This also warm your wrist that help and improve the circulation of blood.


Why Warming Up?

Warming up loose and lessen the serious risk of having hand injuries. Warming up with these exercise instructions as said above  will assure to have enough blood circulation in your hands and fingers. It  can also prevent hands from getting cold that makes cramps. It can increase the range of motion reflexes of your hands, including your wrist and fingers.